Next in our "What Drives 90% of Your Business Success" blog series we're covering the topic of getting your business priorities in order.

Be clear on your priorities

Be clear on your priorities – there are so many things you could be doing. What are the ones that matter – the ones that bring you in the cash, the clients and the connections you need?

How to organise your priorities:

Make a list.

Highlight the top 3.

Put the list somewhere where you will see them everyday.


You can break your top 3 for the year down into 3 for the month, then week, then day. Whatever else you do, if you keep getting your 3 things done every single day, you can’t help but make progress.

Let us know what you learn!

We’d love your feedback on what putting this tip into practice has revealed for you. What priorities will make it into your top 3 list? Putting systems in place to use your time more efficiently? Putting a strategy in place for social media? Following up with potential customers? Let us know!

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