Meet Paul Smyth, Pilates Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. We recently sat down to chat about his business, Paul Smyth Inclusive Health & Fitness, his passion for health and fitness and what he values as a member of The BASE Community.



1. Tell me about your business Paul Smyth Inclusive Health & Fitness.

Paul Smyth Inclusive Health & Fitness is an inclusive fitness and Pilates studio which is open to everyone, regardless of age or ability. 


2. When was it founded?

Founded in May 2017.


3. Why did you want to set up your business?

I have always been involved in strength and conditioning, as far back as my school boy days. As a volunteer Athletics coach for over 10 years I was involved in athlete performance and technical training. The inclusive element stems from a child hood friend of mine who suffered life changing injuries as a result of an accident, the impact on his life spurred me on to work with those individuals who need it most.


4. Did you face any setbacks/hardship in setting up your business? How did you overcome those and what advice would you give to others just starting up?

Before opening up my facility I spent two years gaining the necessary qualifications, sourcing the appropriate equipment, searching for the correct geographic location for my business, researching the offerings of competitors in the area, as well as completing courses based on the legal aspects and requirements for opening and running your own business.


5. What services do you offer?

I would definitely recommend following the steps that I have to anyone thinking of opening their own business, as well as to be realistic about the need and viability of your business, your first years earnings and don’t under sell yourself. With the current pandemic, ensure that your business could survive another such event, such as an online presence. I offer a range of classes which focus on strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness, as well as traditional mat based Pilates classes and chair based exercise classes. Furthermore I provide private personal training, individual athlete performance, as well as group training for a variety of local sports clubs. I also run courses on behalf of Donegal Sports Partnership, Donegal Local Development Company and Donegal County Council. I work with a range of inclusive schools and disability organisations. 


6. What are the main benefits of working with you/your business?

The main benefits of working with me would be my experience level. Of qualifications, the small class numbers, personal attention and attention to detail that I provide to everyone. My relaxed professional approach and the maintenance of very high standards throughout every aspect of my business are all points which my clients tell me keep them coming back for more.


7. Why would someone recommend you or your services?

Why would someone recommend me? Based on what my clients tell me it would be that I’m easy to talk to, have the ability to put them at ease from the outset, I know what I’m doing, and that I listen to them.


The BASE Community


1. How does working at The BASE benefit you and your business? What do you value most about being a member of The BASE Community?

Working at The Base definitely compliments the professional image, presentation and level of service that I set out for my business. My clients love the privacy, high standard of finish, accessibility and central location that The Base provides. Aspects such as these are the main reasons why I chose to locate my business within the Base.


2. What services do you avail of at The BASE and why?

I avail of unit rental, postal service, photocopying and messaging services from reception. 


3. What other aspects of The BASE environment do you enjoy?

I enjoy the fact that the Base is a progressive environment with a wide variety of tennents and businesses, yet you have privacy should you require it. Services and facilities are always being updated such as the new audio visual room as well as the ability to hire conference rooms as and when required.


4 . What new services, features or programs would you like to see developed at The BASE?

I would like to see the Base continue to grow its online presence as well as its physical awareness within our community. 


5. Would you recommend The BASE CoWorking spaces to other professionals and why / why not?

I would and have recommended The Base as a place to locate your business, either from a CoWorking solution, hot desk or unit rental.