Names: Phillip Close, Director
                Phil Graham, Director
Company Name: Secora


1. Tell us about your business.

Secora Consulting provides security assessments for companies seeking assurance that the security controls in place will prevent a cyber attack.

As a trusted cyber security partner, Secora brings years of experience in securing high-risk sensitive environments. We identify failing security controls, the potential impact these may have if exploited by an attacker and provide guidance on how to reduce risk.


2. Is it your own business or are you an employee of the company?

There are two directors Phillip Close and Phil Graham who set up the company. Previous to starting the business both worked together for a large consultancy in Dublin consulting for a wide range of industry clients.


3. When was it founded?

Secora was set up in April 2018.


4. Why did you want to set up your business?

Secora Consulting was set up to assist you with your cyber security requirements. We understand the challenges of security testing and keeping your business secure. Our goal is to improve your cyber security operations, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.


5. What services do you offer?

At Secora Consulting, we take time to listen to your business concerns so that we understand your security requirements. Understanding your needs places us in a unique position to provide you with accurate findings to real business risks.

We have arranged our services into four groups based on the objective of the tests: Baseline Assessment, Penetration Testing, Adversary Simulation and Incident Response.


6. What are the main benefits of working with you/your business?

  • We are dedicated to the long term success of our clients
  • We listen to your business concerns to understand security requirements.
  • We are committed to delivering a high quality service.


7. Why would someone recommend you or your services?

We deliver a high quality service that secures the long term success of our clients.

The BASE Community



1. How does working at The BASE benefit you and your business? 


The BASE provides us a central location to work from when we are not onsite with clients. The location and  facilities were exactly what we were looking for, the friendly atmosphere and networking opportunities have been great.


2. What services do you avail of at The BASE?

  • Rent office space
  • Virtual office facilities (registered office address, mail collection, etc.)
  • Coffee shop/refreshments facilities
  • Community


3. What other aspects of The BASE environment do you enjoy?

  • Networking, access to other Businesses and their services
  • Freedom to come and go with flexible hours


4. What new services or features would you like to see developed at The BASE?

Coffee morning or networking sessions, either virtual or once COVID19 has reduced. Monthly newsletters or updates via email would be great.


5. Would you recommend The BASE CoWorking spaces to other professionals and why / why not?